Tuesday 25 August 2015

GSoC 2015 Wrap Up Report

So the Google Summer of Code '15 is coming to an end. It has been a very memorable summer and this certainly qualifies to be the biggest project I have ever undertaken.

My work over the summer was to port the Amarok code-base to use Qt5/KF5 as much as possible because it was tough to port the entire base under the GSoC time-frame. I have ported a considerable portion of the code-base and now I will be continuing the project along with the community to see it to the end :)

I started my work by porting the CMake files and as soon as it was complete, I moved on to the porting of the C++ part. The current aim is to make Amarok compile while it's dependent on KF5::KDELibs4Support. I faced many problems along the way mainly because there are still parts of KF5 that need better documentation. I have mentioned about these problems in my previous posts.

Right now I am focusing on adding more information to the Amarok porting wiki page. Myriam helped me in creating different tables for each target that is created during the compilation. These tables contain all the relevant information regarding the files that are built for that target. The most important information is about the TODOs & the FIXMEs in a file. I have had to disable parts of the code-base and I will be documenting each of these in the porting wiki page so that they are not forgotten.

Also, I had been pushing all my commits to a repository containing Amarok's clone. I won't be pushing my future commits there and instead, I have now pushed all the commits to the kf5 branch of Amarok code-base that can be accessed in the kf5 head here.

I would like to thank Mark Kretschmann, Myriam Schweingruber, Amarok community and the KDE community in general for giving me this awesome opportunity and helping me in the project along the way.


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